Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Three Percent's 2008 Translation Database

Chad Post at Three Percent has been doing an excellent job putting together a database of books of fiction and poetry translated in 2008. He updates the list regularly and writes capsule reviews for many of the titles. I strongly recommend taking a look if you are interested in picking up some new translations. Chad also has an interesting analysis of 2008 translations so far in terms of language and publishing house. The list of titles is by no means complete, so the data will not be 100% accurate, but here are Chad's findings for 2008 so far:

French: 26 titles (14.7% of total)
Spanish: 19 (10.7%)
Arabic: 17 (9.6%)
German: 16 (9.0%)
Russian: 12 (6.8%)
Italian: 8 (4.5%)
Hebrew: 7 (4.0%)
Chinese: 6 (3.4%)
Japanese: 6 (3.4%)
Portuguese: 6 (3.4%)
Swedish: 6 (3.4%)

Unsurprisingly, Europa Editions and Dalkey Archive have been responsible for the greatest number of publications in translation this year, followed by Melville House, FSG, Harcourt, Penguin, and Archipelago.

These results will undoubtedly change a lot as the year progresses.

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NG said...

Is it a silly question to ask whether you are talking about translating from the listed languages into English or vice versa?